workshop700pxIn 1895, Mr. Charles Izmirian, of Armenian descent, immigrated to America, and before too long, he acquired the language skills and funds necessary to put his old country trade into a new business in New York City, the Charles Izmirian Roofing and Cornice Works.

Although the business was successful, Charles, his wife Satenig, and their two small children followed an Armenian migration to California’s San Joaquin Valley in 1917 to try their hand at farming. That character building exercise ended seven years later, when Charles moved the family to the small but promising town of San Mateo and re-entered the roofing and sheet metal business.

Charles opened Izmirian Roofing and Sheet Metal in 1924 and ran it out of a former pool hall opposite the San Mateo train depot. By then, Charles’ son, Luther, had come of age and was apprenticed in the sheet metal trade. It wasn’t long before he joined his father and helped the business grow and expand into a premier roofing, heating, air conditioning, and sheet metal business.

Today, Luther Izmirian’s two sons, Luther Jr. and Richard, run the business from the same location and with the same tradition of excellence and integrity instilled in them by their father and grandfather. Izmirian Roofing and Sheet Metal continues to be a premier roofing, heating, air conditioning, and sheet metal business and partners with residential and commercial consumers, architects, contractors and tradesmen on a broad range of home and commercial building improvement projects.