Our remarkably temperate Peninsula climate also gives us relative humidity that infrequently goes outside of the comfort range. Relative humidity is the amount of moisture in the air relative to how much moisture air is capable of holding at the given temperature.

Winter dryness in a home can be caused by an oversized furnace or excessively leaky ductwork. Either situation can result in greater infiltration of air into a home. When cold outside air is heated to a comfortable temperature, relative humidity drops to a level that is sometimes uncomfortable.

If dryness is still a problem after correcting oversizing and duct problems, a humidifier can easily be added to most systems to bring a home’s moisture level to an acceptable level. We can help you choose the atomizing, bypass, or power humidifier appropriate for your needs.

Some homes suffer from excessive moisture in the wintertime. This is usually caused by inadequate ventilation or water infiltration into the home from leaks or groundwater in the sub-floor area. An improperly vented gas appliance can also contribute moisture to a home, as well as potentially deadly products of combustion.

Although “wet” houses require a thorough evaluation, the problem can often be solved by adding exhaust fans in the bathrooms, and using the kitchen range hood whenever the stove or oven is on (this is especially important when cooking with gas). Exhaust fans not only get rid of moisture at the source, they also cause the introduction of outside air into the home which, when heated, lowers the relative humidity inside the structure. We supply and install ventilation fans and ductwork for many applications. We also supply and install heat or energy recovery ventilators where even greater ventilation is desired.

For those who suffer from summertime humidity, the answer is air conditioning. Water is condensed from the air as it passes over the indoor cooling coil, delivering refreshing air with reduced relative humidity levels. Improperly sized cooling equipment can over-dehumidify the air, causing dryness complaints. Two stage cooling equipment is best for maintaining a comfortable balance between cool air and comfortable humidity levels.